*We meet in-person and online (Facebook Live) for Sunday morning worship beginning at 9am.

*Join us for a time of fellowship and study as we meet Wednesday evenings at 6pm at church.  During Advent we will learn from the Grinch!  Join us for a study called "The Heart That Grew 3 Sizes." We will use a book and movie segments during our time together.  Contact Pastor Steve to order a book (866-2144.)

*Providing community meals and fellowship on Mondays and Wednesdays has been a blessing over the past 40 years; we've returned to providing meals using a drive-through format. We will announce when our next community drive-through will take place, and continue to look forward to the time we can gather together in our fellowship hall.

*For the past several months, we've had great fun hosting drive-through beans and pies sales.  We've just wrapped-up our drive-through season (as of October) and look forward to resuming when Spring arrives.  Something to look forward to!