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Notes from Steve:

-Sermon Notes-

July 14, 2024


“Under the Sea-Going Deep With God” (VBS)

(Exodus 14:21-22, Psalm 104:25, Matthew 14:22-33)

     Our Vacation Bible School begins tomorrow!  Our activities (crafts, games, lessons, music, snacks) will be centered on the scripture of the day, which are taken from today’s readings, each one including an ocean/water theme.

     From Exodus, we are reminded of the parting of the Red Sea as the Israelites work to flee from Egyptian slavery.  Along the way, they find themselves at a seeming dead end.  The sea is blocking their way, bringing fear and uncertainty.  It’s helpful to acknowledge that for the folks of that time, the ocean was scary.  After all, there were no scuba divers and no submarines to examine the depths of the ocean.  Some supposed there were monsters in the deep, some were simply troubled by the unknown nature of the sea.  So being blocked by the Red Sea was doubly troubling, not only is their escape route blocked, but the route is blocked by something quite scary to them.  In parting the sea, God demonstrates mastery over that which frightens the Israelites while providing a way forward.   We too find ourselves in scary situations when our way forward seems at an end, which is a scary proposition.  Like Moses, God often chooses to work through those around us to calm our fears while moving us forward, maybe a friend, a spouse, a sibling, maybe even a stranger.

     The passage from Matthew recalls the disciple’s peril on the water, as they found themselves overwhelmed by a great storm. Again, their fear is based on their journey being halted, along with a fear of the unknown beneath them.  Jesus comes to them, demonstrating power by defying the laws of natures, literally walking on the very sea that frightens his followers.  As Jesus calls Peter out of the boat, we find his initial success thwarted by the waves and wind around him, and he begins to sink.  Jesus offers relationship through an extended hand, pulling Peter from what frightens him.

     And from Psalm 104 we find a celebration in the great diversity found in God’s creating, including all that is included in marine life “under the sea.”  We are part of that diverse creation, we are connected to all that God has created with all its diversity.

     As we gather for VBS beginning tomorrow, we will teach the kids and each other that God is stronger that our fears, and that a way forward is always made available by God’s great love and care for us. 


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