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Notes from Steve:

-Sermon Notes-

April 14, 2024


 “Flying IFR”

(Psalm 4, Acts 3:12-19, Luke 24:36b-48)

      An airplane’s cockpit is equipped with instruments which help the pilot make important course corrections, keeping the plane from crashing. Our scripture readings today include accounts which lend themselves well to the theme of course corrections.

     Psalm 4 features words from David; he is being pursued by his son Absolom, who wants to kill his father in order to take over the throne. In this passage David offers course correction in the following ways: by encouraging his son to change his ways (to make a course correction), to remind himself to trust God even when life is difficult while encouraging others to do the same.

     From Acts we find an inspired Peter, preaching to a crowd. Peter is a great example of one who has experienced course correction. Recall Peter failing to even acknowledge Jesus on the night of his arrest, even though he had sworn loyalty to Jesus.  After his encounter with the risen Jesus, Peter made a course correction, which is evident in today’s reading from Acts as he proclaims the good word.  At the end of the passage we find Peter using the word “repent,” which means to change direction (course correction!)

     From Luke we find Jesus coming into the midst of frightened, likely confused disciples-and who could blame them?  They had entered triumphantly with Jesus on what we call Palm Sunday, and within days had their expectations crushed with the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus.  Then they began hearing rumors of sightings of Jesus, culminating in today’s passage which details Jesus making himself “real” to the disciples.  For those who were frightened and confused, Jesus offered a course correction by explaining recent events and his purpose (please see Luke 24: 37-39, and 44-45.

     Back to our airplane metaphor; there are times a pilot must rely heavily on the instruments which keep him or her safe, especially during storms when reference to the ground can be lost.  By using the instruments, course corrections are able to happen. In the same way, we are each on a journey, and as is the case with a pilot we have been provided instruments we may use to correct our course when needed.  Our instruments include, but are not limited to,  prayer, the Holy Spirit, scripture, and our fellowship together.

     As I reflect on this metaphor, Proverbs 3:5 comes to mind: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  May it be so for us!


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